Your guide to loft conversion décor

Your guide to loft conversion décor

Regular readers of our posts will know by now that Econoloft is the place to go to if you’re considering a loft conversion for your home. But in addition to our extensive knowledge and experience, we also love to bring you practical tips and advice about all things loft-related.

For today’s post we decided to bring you a guide to loft conversions and ideas of how you can choose which style of interior décor is best, depending on the purpose of your conversion.

1. Floor to ceiling windows
By fitting a floor to ceiling velux window in your loft, you’ll make sure that as much natural light as possible can enter the room, making it feel bright and airy.

If your loft is quite small, a floor to ceiling window will help to give the impression of a loftier height (pun intended) and make the room seem much bigger. Add to the lightness by painting your loft a brilliant white like in this photo from Contrasting black accessories will make your loft bang on monochrome trend.

2. Make a mood board
If you’re unsure what colour or theme you should give to your new room, why not make a mood board? Fill it with a variety of snaps in your favourite colour, style or inspirational wording.

This London inspired mood board from gives plenty of ideas for incorporating the London style, through the use of the Great British flag, iconic street names, and of course, the colours associated with England’s capital city.

3. Turn the heat up
We all know that heat rises but you may well find that if your converted loft room is fairly spacious, it cools off quickly in the evening and is distinctly chilly in the winter. Solve this problem by installing a small radiator.

This beautiful loft bedroom from has all the elements to make it a modern, yet cosy room. Stripped wooden flooring brings a classic, rustic feel while the addition of the fluffy rug and simple white radiator add to the warmth. Muted shades of aubergine from the walls are accented with the coordinating bed linen, while the floral blind adds a homely touch.


4. Don’t throw anything out
If your loft was jam-packed with all sorts of old memorabilia, vintage items and old school accessories that you can’t bear to throw away, you might not have to. Who says that you have to throw away all of your memories?

Instead, be inspired by this room seen on – an eclectic mixture of traditional and contemporary, the designer of this living room was certainly one for embracing the vintage look. You have to admit, it does inject your personality into the room, while giving it a cosy feel.

5. Do consider rubber flooring
If your converted loft is going to be a bathroom, you may wish to consider the idea of rubber flooring. Designed to offer ultimate grip, it’ll definitely make your bathroom a safer place for your kids, especially if they enjoy making tidal waves when they’re in the bath.

Slip-resistant and practical doesn’t have to be boring, as proves. You can buy rubber flooring in a range of bright colours to match the rest of your bathroom décor – it also makes cleaning an absolute doddle. We love the matching hand towel too.

So remember, the next time you’re looking for practical, yet stylish advice for decorating your converted loft, you can rely on Econoloft.

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