Why your Kids Need Space to Themselves

Why your Kids Need Space to Themselves

In case you missed it, earlier this month (August 2nd) was Playday 2017 – ‘the national day for play’ – an event which both celebrated children’s right to play and highlights the importance of play in the lives of young people.

There are many reasons why play is so important to children, in terms of assisting their personal development and growth, and so on. But kids need adequate space in which to do this – and finding this space can be tough for growing young families.

More and more families are choosing to have loft conversion work carried out, using the converted loft space as an additional bedroom, kids’ playroom or simply to free up space elsewhere in the home. Here’s why it’s so important that young children have the space they need in which to develop and express themselves.

Sanctuary from the outside world

Growing up isn’t easy – kids are constantly encountering new challenges whether at school, at home or elsewhere. They’re always expected to be developing new skills and capacities. But it’s even harder to do this if they don’t have a private space they can retreat to when they need it. As kids grow older and head towards adolescence, the need for this kind of sanctuary becomes even more acute.

Not only is it important to provide children with somewhere private where they can unwind, but it’s also good for their personal development to have a space where they can socialise with their friends with a degree of privacy as well. No growing youngster wants to have their parents looming over them all the time (and everyone has the right to some time and space to themselves). A converted loft space could provide them with the space they need to hang out with their friends and let off some steam.

A space for creativity

When kids have the time and space they need to express themselves, all sorts of fascinating products can emerge. Of course, not everybody’s little one will go on to become the next great artist, musician, poet or author – but it’s a healthy part of their own personal development, and their process of self-discovery, to explore and indulge their creative side. Of course, finding the space in which to do this can often be a problem in cramped family homes.

A loft conversion, as mentioned above, could be the perfect solution. Loft conversions can be very versatile, and converted loft spaces are suitable for a wide range of uses – whether as hobby rooms, studies, bedrooms or dedicated kids’ playrooms. As kids grow they need more and more space – space that often isn’t there. But a loft conversion can add valuable extra room to your home, as well as adding tens of thousands of pounds to its price tag.

If you’ve got a young family and you need more space, the team here at Econoloft will guide you through every aspect of the loft conversion process. Get in touch today to find out more.