What’s important for a young teenager’s bedroom?

What’s important for a young teenager’s bedroom?

If you’re the proud parent of a teenager, you’ll know that they spend the majority of their time in their bedroom. Teenagers see their rooms as a kind of sanctuary, somewhere they can go to have their own space and escape from the troubles of everyday life.

It’s often the case however, that a young teenager’s room still contains remnants of their childhood. Sometimes they even have the same wallpaper as they did when they were younger – that’s hardly going to make them seem cool to their friends, is it?

So today we’re focusing on three of the most essential bedroom design ideas for young teens, so you can turn your teenager’s bedroom in to a cool chill out space.


1. Express Yourself!


If there’s one thing young teenager’s love, it’s expressing their opinions. At this stage of their life, they’re going through puberty, experiencing greater stress at school, and pressures from friends. Let them take control of their bedroom and show off their personality.

If your teenager is arty, take a leaf out of this Pinterest.com user’s book and give them a blank canvas and let their minds wander. Alternatively, get your hands on a noticeboard so they can pin photos, memorabilia and concert tickets to really make their room personal.


2. Study study study
As your teenager goes through school, homework, essays and other assignments will start piling up so make sure you section off a quiet area of their bedroom to give them space to study.

We love this teenage girl’s bedroom from hgtv.com. This desk would provide your teenager with plenty of space to do their schoolwork, whilst the drawers would be really useful for storing pens and paper and other useful stationery items.


3. Space to relax
It’s a depressing reality that your teenager’s social life is far busier than your own. They’ll need somewhere to chill out with their friends so create an area of their room perfect for the occasion.

Check out the size of this teenage room from freshome.com. As well as an en-suite bathroom and two beds, the elevated area provides ample chill out space. We appreciate that not everyone will have the space for such an area, so if your teenager’s bedroom is fairly small, make it cosy and comfortable with a cosy rug and plenty of floor cushions.

As your kids get older, they’ll need more room to spread out, not to mention store the mountains of belongings they’ll accumulate. So why not consider transforming your unused loft in to a young teens’ paradise?

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