What NOT to do with your home gym

What NOT to do with your home gym

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve been focusing on home gyms for the last couple of weeks. We’ve brought you advice on the planning and preparation of your home gym, tips for making it colourful, and shown you some of our favourite gyms. Today however, we’re going to look at it from a slightly different perspective – what NOT to do with your home gym. That’s because sometimes, looking at the don’ts can help you avoid making mistakes. So without further ado, here’s what NOT to do.

Don’t clutter up the room
To get an all-round good workout, you’ll need to use a variety of machines, right? Well, actually, what you should be more concerned with is using what space you have to your advantage. Work with the dimensions of the room – take this home gym from Pinterest.com – perfectly fine, with a good choice of machinery. The problem however, is that it’s far too cluttered. There’s insufficient space to do the weights properly – the last thing you need is to smash the mirror or hurt yourself on your other machinery, simply because you’ve not left enough space.

Don’t forget the windows
This home gym from digsdigs.com contains everything you need for a great workout. There’s a selection of machinery, a television for entertainment, and a mirror to ensure you’re doing the exercises properly. What it doesn’t have is windows. There’s also no fan either. Now, while we’d recommend fresh air over a fan any day, it’s vital that you have some way of keeping the room cool. The hotter and stuffier it gets in there, the less able you’ll feel to complete your workout. So install some windows and get them thrown open – trust us, you’ll feel better for it.


Don’t invest in really heavy weights
Weights are great for toning and building muscle. They’ll also ensure that you get a full body workout if the only other machine’s you’re using are the treadmill and the bike. What you shouldn’t do however, is make the mistake of investing in the heaviest weights to build muscle fast. This will only result in you doing yourself an injury. Start off with smaller weights and increase the resistance every couple of sessions. Womenshealthmag.com recommends these dumbbells from Perform Better.


Don’t make it boring
It may sound obvious, but there are more ways than one to make a home gym more appealing. If you’re struggling to find motivation to get on the treadmill for half an hour a day, why not turn your home gym into something a little more fun? We found this climbing wall gym on houzz.com. It won’t take up much space (just one wall) which is ideal if you don’t have a spare room to devote entirely to a gym. What’s more, it’s just that little bit different, making you more likely to want to do it. Plus, it’s a great activity for your kids to get involved with too.

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