Welcome Home Mum and Dad!

Welcome Home Mum and Dad!

When you’re young, it’s often the case that you can’t wait to move out of home, to be independent and live your life by your own rules. But what happens when you’ve settled down with your own family, and your parents decided to move in with you?

Adjusting to relatives moving in to your home can be difficult – you’ve got your own set of house rules and they’re not going to necessarily play by them. There are more mouths to feed, more clothes to wash and iron, and where on earth are they going to sleep? It’s not as if you can expect your parents to sleep on the couch for the foreseeable future.

So today, we’re focusing on how to decorate a room for your parents, to make them feel welcome in your home.


1. Memory Foam Mattress
As we get older, our joints start to ache and twinge and it’s natural to develop all sorts of health problems. So make your parents feel as comfortable as possible while they sleep at night, with a memory foam mattress.

Housetohome.co.uk features a useful article about choosing the right mattress for your needs. The memory foam mattress moulds to your shape as you sleep, providing support for aching joints and ensuring a good night’s rest.


2. Fresh Flowers
No-one can deny the welcoming power of a vase of fresh flowers. Make your parents feel welcome and happy in their new home by displaying fresh blooms in the house.

Fresh flowers do not have to be an expensive addition to the home. Why not let your parents reminisce about the good old days with some hand cut flowers from your garden, like these grape hyacinth from patchworkharmony.blogspot.co.uk.


3. Up the comfort factor
When you think of home, the word ‘comfort’ instantly springs to mind, so make sure that your folks feel right at home in your place by making the surroundings as comfortable as possible.

Channel4.com recommends adding layers to the flooring as well as with the bed linen to really up the comfort factor and give the room an all-round rustic, homely feel. Just because there’s a carpet in the room doesn’t mean that you can’t layer a rug on top too. And remember to keep an extra blanket within easy reach for those chillier nights.

Are your relatives about to move in with you? Are you worried about where they’re going to sleep? Let Econoloft give you a helping hand – we can transform your unused loft into the bedroom of your dreams.

That way, you and your partner can move upstairs and your new house guests can have your old room – it’ll be much easier for them to access if they are elderly and they’re bound to feel more welcome that way.

Take a look at some of the previous work we’ve done for inspiration. To book your FREE estimate, contact Econoloft today on FREEPHONE 0800269765 or fill in a call back form and we will contact you when it’s convenient.