Top tips for designing the perfect home office in the loft

Converting Your Loft Into An Office

Top tips for designing the perfect home office in the loft

This week is work life balance week and so what better time to think about planning the perfect home office. If you work from home having a suitable work space is crucial and a loft conversion often provides the perfect home office environment.

A recent survey by BBC 5 Live Wake Up To Money revealed a 74% jump in the number of people working from their own home between 2008 and 2018.  While working from home can be appealing, it’s important to separate your home and work space which is why a loft conversion from Econoloft could provide the perfect solution for that office space.

Psychologists say our brain associates different rooms with different activities, we sleep in the bedroom and cook in the kitchen and we need to train the brain when it’s time for work – that’s difficult if you are trying to work in a room associated with different activities. Other ways to psychologically separate home and work include using different email addresses and telephone numbers for personal and business use. You should also ensure your work environment is free from personal distractions such as a family photographs, the TV or holiday plans – anything that can take your mind off the job in hand.

If you plan to use your new loft conversion as an office space you can plan the perfect room for your needs.  Econoloft has over 40 years’ experience building bespoke loft conversions and during that time we have helped families create the ideal working environment for professionals.  Here are our top tips for the perfect home office.

Plan in electricity points

You can never have enough electric points in an office – computer, printer, lamps, shredder, kettle, laptops to name but a few things that you will need to plug in.  Don’t forget internet and telephone points too – it’s a lot easier to design them into the build rather than putting them in later.

Lighting is key

Having an office in a loft conversion will mean you can benefit from lots of lovely natural light from well placed Velux windows.  You could also include a Juliet balcony which as well as providing light will also give you lots of fresh air during the spring and summer months. It’s a good idea to invest in quality ambient lighting for darker months and also to have desk lamps or task lights to prevent eye strain.


You don’t want to be too hot or too old and having the right windows will help with ventilation.  At Econoloft we use insulation that ensures the climate in your loft conversion is just right – and a loft conversion will actually help insulate the whole house more effectively.

Going green

Studies have shown than having plants in an office environment reduce stress and increase productivity.  They also clean the air and generally make an office space more pleasant.  You may even be lucky enough to look over an external green space which is another reason to take advantage of a Juliet balcony design.

Think of the future

You may have noticed our top tips for an office loft conversion don’t include any drastic elements to the build.  That’s because your home office may become something else in the future, a hobby room, a spare bedroom or even your new master bedroom.  The home office can easily have a new use once you no longer need it as an office.

There are many rewards to working from home – no commute and not distractions being the most frequently cited.  However, in order to make the most of these rewards you need to have the right working space.  If you are planning all, or even just part of your loft conversion to be used as a home office, make sure you let our design experts know at the planning stage.  We will ensure you get the most out of working from home.