This spring I will… become more organised

This spring I will… become more organised

Are you fed up of never being able to find anything in your home? Do you lose at least 10 minutes every day simply searching for misplaced keys? And why can you never find a matching pair of socks for your kids?

Spring has finally made an appearance, bringing with it lighter, longer days, leaving you happier and feeling more refreshed. That means it’s the perfect time to sort through your home and get everything organised properly.

Take inspiration from Mary Poppins and make tidying into a game so your children are more inclined to keep their bedrooms tidy.

Here are some simple ways for you to organise items in your home…


1. Key holder


Rather than having to spend time every morning trying to remember where you last placed your keys, store them all together on a key holder. Hang the key holder near to the door so that you’ll remember to hang up your keys as soon as you come through the door in the evening.

Check out these his ‘n’ hers key holders from – you’ll never take the wrong set of keys again!



2. Sub-divide
Think about all of the wasted space in your wardrobes and drawers – invest in some add-on clothes rails and hanging shelves to squeeze more clothes into your wardrobe, while drawer organisers will break up the available space into more organised chunks so you’ll find things more easily. has some great organisation solutions for your home. Being able to see all of your clothes will ensure you don’t always wear the same thing. Plus, the extra space you create in your wardrobe will give you an excuse to shop for more clothes.


3. Prioritise your paperwork
It’s no wonder you always forget to pay the gas bill if it gets left lying around the house. Save yourself the panic of trying to find everyone’s passports the morning of your holiday too by organising your paperwork into clearly labelled folders.

We love this file system seen on With everything organised into specific folders, you’ll never lose important paperwork again.

The best place to start when it comes to organising your house is to de-clutter every room first. For instance, sorting through everything in your loft, and throwing away the things you no longer use or need will probably uncover far more space than you’d expect.

You could use the extra space provided by your loft and turn it into a playroom for your kids, a home office or a chill out room for when you’re entertaining guests.

At Econoloft, we’ve been in the loft conversion business for 40 years. We understand that everyone’s needs are different which is why we tailor all of our designs to the client’s specification. Take a look at examples of our previous client projects.

Studies have shown that converting your loft into an extra bedroom could add considerable value to your property, not to mention give you a bit of extra space for your kids as they grow up.

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