The Most Creative Staircases

The Most Creative Staircases

Most homes have at least one staircase, but rather than overlooking yours, have you ever considered that you can make it into a great home feature? Think of how many times a day you traipse up and down those stairs – would you feel any different if your staircase was more than just a set of steps transporting you from one floor level to the next?

Take a look at our selection of truly inspirational staircases to give you some ideas about how you can get creative with the staircase in your home.


1. Build a stepped library
If your love of reading has led to you accumulating a roomful of books, you may have already decided to build a library in your home. However, with so many books piled high from floor to ceiling, how are you supposed to access those that are out of reach?

By building a stepped library of course! We love this innovative idea for using steps inside a room to your advantage. This library, featured on has made us long to build a library in our homes.


2. Waterfall garden staircase
If your garden is huge and steep, one easy way to help you get to the bottom of it is to construct a staircase to blend in with the design.

Step forward Portrack House in Scotland. Seen on, the designer of this truly stunning exterior staircase has done a great job of making the stone steps look like a cascading waterfall. How very grand!


3. Bringing nature inside staircase
If you’re a lover of being outdoors, you’ll jump at the chance to bring a little bit of the natural world into your home.

Okay so we cheated a bit with this one – but while the stairs are pretty average looking, it’s the tree-shaped handrail that caught our eye the most. picked a good one with this staircase – we love how the tree is rooted on the bottom step but then unfurls its branches elegantly towards the top of the staircase.

If you wish to add a touch of creativity to the staircase in your home, you can rely on us. We’ll transform your loft and of course the stairway leading up to the attic room.

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