The most appealing home gyms

The most appealing home gyms

We understand that a gym might not be the most exciting place in the world. And now that it’s winter, you’re likely going to be more in need than ever of a little motivation to get out of bed and onto the treadmill. Some people buy themselves some brand new gym clothes, hoping that this will spur them into making some sort of commitment to the gym. We’ve come up with another solution – make your home gym as interesting and as appealing as possible. Design it so well that you find yourself wanting to be there, and looking forward to your next workout. That way, the pounds will soon disappear. Take a look at our selection of the most appealing home gyms.

Room with a view
If we could look out over this gorgeous landscape while we worked out, we might feel more inclined to do it more often. We found this amazing home gym idea on Now we understand that there’s no guarantee of a view like this (especially if you live in sunny England), but you could come close by painting a wall mural of an exotic location.


Inspiring wall message
We all have these great plans – we’ll work out daily, get fit and lose loads of weight. What we forget, is that exercise can be gruelling. It can take all your effort just to summon up the motivation to put on your gym clothes, let alone to push yourself in the gym. Put up a poster on your wall with an inspiring message, such as this one, seen on It always helps to have support and a goal – try working out with a friend or a family member and encourage each other to keep going.


Colours of the rainbow
If you take away just one piece of advice from today’s blog, take this one – make sure your gym is bright. A combination of primary colours or other bright splashes of paint will give your gym visual appeal. You don’t have to stop at the walls either. Check out this home gym idea from – even the equipment is colourful!

Have you got any ideas for adding visual appeal to a home gym?

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