The four elements of a master bedroom

The four elements of a master bedroom

When you hear the words ‘master bedroom’, what springs to mind? Is it luxury? A bed fit for royalty? Or perhaps an en-suite bathroom? It is likely that each person’s view of a master bedroom is different to the next. Despite that, there are four elements that we believe every master bedroom should incorporate.

So today, we’ll be taking a close look at the four elements of a master bedroom. Here they are:

1. Multi-purpose space
In recent years, our perception of a master bedroom has changed somewhat and is now leaning towards it being a self-contained living space, fit for multiple purposes.

Look how spacious this master bedroom is, seen on It shows that a master bedroom does not have to stop at the bedroom and can also include a living area, or perhaps an en-suite bathroom. And if you decide to transform your loft into a master bedroom, you could easily make it into a loft apartment for you and your partner or for your older teenager.

2. Elegant bed
The master bedroom is supposed to be the largest and most luxurious bedroom of the house, and in keeping with that idea, it seems only fitting that you kit your master bedroom out with an elegant, sumptuous bed.

Check out this beautiful bed seen on – with its ornate headboard design and elegant metal frame, this is clearly a bed fit for a queen (or king of course). Add to that the soft, plush looking bed linen and many cosy, plump pillows and you can just tell that you’d get the best night’s sleep ever in this bed.

3. Plenty of storage
Of course, no master bedroom would be complete without sufficient space to store your belongings. However, that does not necessarily mean you have to restrict your storage space to bulky wardrobes.

As soon as we saw this cleverly designed window seat and storage cupboards on we fell in love. The cushions inject a pop of warmth and colour into the room and give it a romantic, cosy feel, while the floor to ceiling cupboards provide ample storage space – you can even turn the books into a decorative feature.

4. Serenity
You may think that peace and serenity are not qualities that you can physically inject into a master bedroom but in actual fact, you can do just that. By choosing soft colours and getting the lighting in the room right, you can achieve a calm oasis.

Earthy natural shades like the ones seen in this bedroom from can add a sense of tranquility and are often soothing. By choosing a lamp with soft, yellow lighting, you will add extra warmth to the room. Pick out different hues of the same colour palette for the furniture and you will have a room of serenity.

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