The best in new technology for the home

The best in new technology for the home

In an age where technology is fast-paced and continually updated, it makes sense that sooner or later, we are all going to invest in nifty gadgetry for the home. After all, smartphones and tablets have made our lives easier on a daily basis and given us unlimited access to the rest of the world. It may not come as such a surprise therefore that homes up and down the country will soon be stocked with these new forms of technology.

Let’s take a look at some of the cool ideas out there. Here is the best in new technology for the home.


The IQ Alarm Clock
We found this cool alarm clock on It will mean the end of bleary-eyed get ups as you’ll have to answer questions correctly before it turns off. Who said you weren’t a morning person?


Smart Bathroom Mirror

If you head to, you’ll come across this magic mirror, created to give you information relating to the weather outside, as well as help you to decide which tie will match with your suit – morning wardrobe dilemmas will be a thing of the past.


E-Shopping Lists
Are you fed up of trying to decipher your hastily scribbled shopping lists? Or maybe you tend to forget items in the store because you’ve listed them in a haphazard order? If this sounds like you, you’ll need an electronic shopping list organiser like this one seen on Not only does it print out your list, it also lets you put it in a comprehensive order first. There are no more excuses for forgetting the milk.


TV/ Bed Combo
Although not strictly a brand new concept, a TV and bed combination unit does have the advantage of saving space, not to mention giving you the ability to relax and unwind in your cosy bed each night. We found this one on

Do you wish you could install technological gadgets in your home? Is space an issue? If so, why not create an extra room by converting your loft.

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