Super Home Storage Solutions

Super Home Storage Solutions

Do you ever take a look around your home and wonder how on earth it got to be so cluttered? With day-to-day life passing by so quickly, it is easy to neglect to tidy everything away all of the time, in favour of all of the other chores we get caught up in. So today, we thought we would help you put an end to your messy home woes – here are three super storage solutions to help you find a home for some of that clutter.


1. Dining Room Storage
You may not have a separate dining room – many homes come with a huge living room which can then be used as part living, part dining room. Now as you spend a lot of time relaxing in these rooms, clutter can build up all too easily. Here’s how to sort it.

Make your storage into a presentation feature like in this image from Choosing a bright colour to add accents will really complement a neutral wall colour scheme. You can alternate between displaying books and ornamental decorations to fool guests into thinking that your storage unit is for decorative reasons.


2. Hallway Storage
The hall is the first thing guests will notice when they come to your home, and first impressions count. Rather than having a myriad of shoes, handbags and coats strewn across the floor, store it tidily – it’ll give you lots more space too.

Hallways tend to err on the narrow side, so make good use of your wall space instead by installing wall hung shelving units with hooks attached for any coats, umbrellas or dog leads. We love the simplicity of this storage solution from – the natural wood gives it a rustic, homely feel.


3. Kids’ Bedroom Storage
If you’ve got small children then you will know just how fast their bedrooms become messy. Whether they insist on emptying their entire toy box every day, or leave crayons and small plastic figures all over the floor, it’s safe to say that tidying a kid’s room can be time-consuming.

Steal this nifty idea from and affix shelving cubby holes to the walls. You can also get your hands on a child’s bed with in-built storage space underneath, allowing your child more floor space to play on. Keep everything brightly coloured and fun to make it more appealing to your children.

Of course, another room that works well for storing items is the loft. Maximise your loft potential by converting it into another room. That way, you’ll have more space for storage.

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