Spotlight On … Orpington

Spotlight On Orpington

Spotlight On … Orpington

The eponymous three bedroom home in the UK is usually comprised of two double bedrooms and a smaller box room. It’s a design that most of us are familiar with and it’s a popular choice for families, until of course, the family unit get bigger or growing kids outgrow the box room.  That’s what happened to the Bilton family from Orpington when their youngest son literally out grew his room having become as tall as the length of his box room bedroom!

It was time for a rethink but as the Bilton family had put down strong roots in their mid-terraced home in Orpington they didn’t want to move.  An Econoloft  loft conversion gave them the space they needed without having to.

It was a similar story for the Marmion family who wanted a bigger house in Orpington.  “We worked out that moving house to get an extra bedroom would cost around £30,000 in stamp duty and professional fees alone, said Daren Marmion. “Once you have factored in the cost of a more expensive house, the figures didn’t stack up. We had a massive loft space and after deciding not to move, we knew the only way to get the house we wanted for our family was to extend up.”

Daren is right.  According to the average price of a 4-bedroom home in Orpington is £702,395 and a 3-bedroom home is £501,434 – that means if you live in a 3-bedroomed home and want to move to a 4-bedroomed property the additional cost is £200,964.  At the same time, to upgrade from a 2-bedroomed house (average cost £366,831) to a 3-bedroomed home will cost £134,603 more. Those numbers are considerably more than the cost of a loft conversion – as Daren says, the figures don’t stack up.

Econloft loft conversions in Orpington have been developed on homes of all ages and sizes as people look for a bigger property to meet their changing needs and it’s no wonder our clients love the Orpington area.  It has a lot to offer – good state schools, an improved town centre and great links to London. Orpington is close to the A21, the London to Hastings Road, and the M25 and it has trains to London Bridge that take about 30 minutes.

The area has a good mix of housing stock from detached homes built in the 1920s and 1930s as well as more than a few multi million pound properties and numerous new build apartments.  Once established in the area, most people tend to stay there as our client experiences show and there is plenty to keep families entertained. From Orpington’s tree lined High Street with its recognisable brand shops to a good mix of bars, cafes and restaurants.  Priory Gardens and Goddington Park offer green spaces the family can enjoy while further afield High Elms Country Park offers 250 acres of delights. Culturally there is the Odeon multiplex cinema, the Churchill Theatre and even a festival scene with the Big O Vintage festival and Priory Live.

The Biltons and Marmions are just two Orpington families who, thanks to the extra space provided by a loft conversion, can now continue to live in their much loved homes and enjoy everything the area has to offer.  If you would like a loft conversion in Orpington, get in touch today.