Earlier this year Brighton was named the most hipster city in the world – even beating the likes of Berlin and Stockholm.  The study based its findings on the number of vegan restaurants, coffee shops, tattoo parlours, independent boutiques and record stores per 100,000 people – and Brighton won.

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Of course, being a hipster town is not necessarily a reason to invest in your Brighton property.  But there are plenty of others.

Sometimes known as London-by-the-sea, Brighton offers a train journey into London in less than an hour.  No doubt this is the main reason why the majority of property buyers are from the capital.

It’s got the restaurants, the bars, the cafes, the culture etc. that attracts the trendy professional and more than its fair share of celebrities.  But Brighton is also great for families too.

As well as being hip and trendy and all that jazz, Brighton is by the seaside which means miles of beaches for families to enjoy. There are also lots of family friendly pubs and restaurants offering traditional Sunday roasts and kids play areas.  One of the biggest draws for families is the schools, as Brighton boasts some of the best state schools in England.

However, properties in Brighton are not cheap.  Statistics from say the average property price in Brighton is £347K compared to the England and Wales average of £292K and estate agents in the area report that the market remains buoyant.  Once you have moved to Brighton, chances are you will stay there.

Brighton doesn’t look like it will be losing its popularity crown any time soon. And with a three-bed home around £93,000 more expensive than a two-bed home, and a four-bed home around £137,000 more expensive than a three-bed home (Zoopla) a loft conversion looks like a good idea.

If you need another bedroom, remember an average dormer loft conversion will cost around £40,000 – already you can see why a loft conversion makes financial sense.  Whether you are a home owner wishing to invest in your own home or an investor looking to develop a portfolio, speak to us how to unlock the full potential of a property in Brighton

We can be pretty hip when we want to be!