Spooky home décor ideas for Halloween

Spooky home décor ideas for Halloween

Autumn isn’t all doom and gloom. In just a few short weeks, Halloween will be here. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got children or not – Halloween is a festive holiday for everyone to get involved with.


You may be considering throwing a party to celebrate the occasion. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your home in suitable spooky fashion.


Outdoor party
This Halloween, countryliving.com recommends using the autumnal colours to your advantage when hosting an outdoor Halloween party. It gives you an excuse to not have to sweep up the leaves for a few weeks. Get your hands on pumpkins in various sizes and carve them to make spooky faces. If you have an old table lying around, even better – use this to lay out the potions (drinks) for your guests.


Kids’ party
Your kids will love dressing up as Halloween monsters. Rather than heading out to trick or treat, host a party for your kids and invite all of their friends. Play games of apple bobbing and create delicious spooky dishes for them to eat. You don’t have to go to a lot of expense either – for the decorations, simply get your hands on some orange balloons and, using a black marker pen, draw on the scary faces, like in this picture from marthastewart.com. Keep to a theme of black and orange for both décor and food and you won’t go wrong.


Sophisticated soiree
We mentioned earlier that Halloween is not just for kids. If you fancy hosting a sophisticated evening for your adult friends, stick to a monochrome theme. We love these quirky ‘Boo’ candles seen in this image from Houzz.com. You can easily and quickly transform your room to make it fit for a Halloween get together. Take those glass jars for example – you can wash and re-use cooking sauce jars to hold tea light candles. Use black ribbon around the top and cut out a bat shape from black card to stick to the side of the jar – simple but effective.


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