Seven of the best loft conversions ideas

Seven of the best loft conversions ideas

Do you have a loft that you barely use? Maybe it’s really draughty up there, you’re afraid of spiders, or it’s currently acting as a dumping ground for everything you still need to sort out?

Well, did you know that making a three bedroom home into a four bedroom home can add anything up to 15 or 20% per cent to the value of your home, depending on where you live?

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of options when it comes to making the most from your loft.

Here at Econoloft, we love to help you make your house in to an even greater home, so we’ve come up with seven of our favourite ideas for loft conversions…

1. Nice and Nautical

By far the most popular in loft conversions, adding an extra bedroom can give your teenager some much needed space as they grow up, as well as add extra value to your house.


Nautical is a very on-trend theme at the moment. Bold reds and blues really help to brighten up an otherwise neutral room. Painting the walls white makes your loft look much more spacious, whilst matching rugs add extra warmth for chilly days. Find out how you can re-create this seaside theme with some helpful tips from

2. Entertain yourself

An entire room devoted to games will not only keep your kids entertained on a rainy day, it’ll also ensure the rest of your house stays tidy. Bonus!


It’s not just younger kids who’ll love a games room either – let the man of the house be a big kid too with the addition of a pool table.

3. Get Wetter than Wet

Turn your loft in to a wet room! Create a chic and ultra-modern feel with a wet room, ideal for those who have a small loft.


This wet room from shows how combining cool steely grey tones with black grouted tiles can give your wet room an up-to-date, stylish look.

4. Dine in Style

If you’ve always longed for a room in which to entertain guests but you don’t have enough space for a dining room or your current one isn’t very modern, converting your loft in to a dining area could be the ideal solution.


Floor to ceiling windows let in plenty of light to brighten up the room. Eat every meal with a spectacular view, and enjoy dining in an intimate space.

5. Lounge Around

How about a loft-converted living room? Whether you’re just looking for a bit of extra space or a quiet area you can escape to, converting your loft into a living room is a great use of extra space.


A corner sofa makes the most of the space – add large squishy cushions for a comfortable homely feel. Tall racks make great storage space for DVDs and CDs, without taking up too much space.

6. Find your inner calm

If you need somewhere quiet and peaceful to study, the loft is the perfect place to convert into a home study. Work can be stressful at the best of times, so converting your loft into a space which helps you keep calm and de-stress can do wonders for your motivation!


White furniture adds a contemporary feel to a loft space, and is known to be a calming colour. Wall attached shelving units make great storage space, enabling you to keep your office perfectly organised.


7. Clutter be-gone!

Lofts are most commonly used for as storage; usually very messy with anything and everything just plonked up there, just to get it out of the way. So, instead of cluttering up your loft with, why not get everything organised? Trust us, you will feel a lot better for it! Clean home, clear mind!


In-built cupboards with well-placed shelves allow you to store everything neatly away so you’ll easily be able to find your belongings.

With our help, you can convert your old dusty loft into the room of your dreams. All it takes is a little imagination and some creative thinking to add value to your home.

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