S is for… staircases

S is for… staircases

This week, we’re covering the letter ‘s’ in our A to Z guide to loft conversions. Today’s post is an important one, because anyone who is planning to convert their loft will need to ensure that adequate access is installed. So read on for more information about staircases for loft conversions.

Stairs provide access
The staircase to your newly converted loft should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, easy to use. It provides access between the loft and the floor below and as such, should be a safe way to reach the converted loft. It is vital that this staircase also complies with building regulations. The easiest way to do this is to have a traditional staircase installed. Unfortunately, a lack of space sometimes makes this impossible.

Building regulations for loft conversion staircases
Regulations are in place for a reason and failure to comply with them may have a great impact on your safety. In the event of a fire for example, it is essential that there is a staircase between the loft conversion and the next floor down. If there is insufficient space for a full staircase, you may wish to consider using a space saving option instead. You should note however, that retractable stairs or ladders are not deemed acceptable.

It is recommended that you have two metres headroom between the top of the staircase and the loft conversion ceiling. Your local authority will be able to provide more detailed information regarding the staircase regulations for a loft conversion. It is always best however to hire in a professional team as the company will not only be able to offer advice, but will also work in compliance with the loft conversion building regulations.

Design ideas for loft conversion staircases
It is not uncommon for a loft conversion staircase to be spiral. This quirky design may look good but can be very unpractical for those wishing to move heavy furniture into the newly converted loft. Another option is a floating step staircase but this can be dangerous if you have young children. A simple solution is to opt for a standard wooden staircase – metal or Perspex steps can help to add a contemporary touch to modern décor.

Having decided what type of staircase you wish to install, you will then have to choose between a ready-made staircase and a bespoke design. If you have space issues or wish to install something really out of the ordinary then a bespoke design company may be your best option. This will ensure that the staircase fits properly as well as complies with health and safety regulations.

Take a look at our gallery – it’s packed with plenty of loft conversion design inspiration.

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