Q is for… Questions

Q is for… Questions

Well time is indeed flying by – we’re now up to letter ‘q’ of our A to Z blog. If you’re planning to convert your loft, there are a few points to consider, so before you begin, ask yourself the following questions. Making sure that you have considered everything before the work begins will ensure that the whole process will run like clockwork, and you’re less likely to encounter any mishaps along the way. So today, Q is for questions.

Getting a quote on the overall cost of the work is a good place to start, but you should also factor in any other costs that you will incur as a result of converting your loft. For example, building costs, architect’s fees, interior designer costs, and decorating and furniture purchases should all be considered before any work begins. The last thing you need is to get halfway through the job and to find that all of your budgeted money has been spent.

What will you use the space for?
While many homeowners favour a master bedroom loft conversion, you may also like to consider whether it is worth installing an en-suite bathroom too. Enquire about any extra costs associated to make sure you have enough in your budget. You should also consider whether you have the space required for a bathroom too, and how it will impact the size of the bedroom. What’s more, you’ll need to seriously think about how you are going to heat the water – using your central heating system or installing a power shower.

Of course, there are no fixed rules about what you must use the space for – you could just as easily turn your loft into a dining room, a kitchen, a second living room, a guest room, a kids’ playroom, a games room or even a home cinema – there are endless possibilities, and as we tailor all of our designs to your specifications, you really are in charge of the process.

How will you make the most of the space?
In addition to working out what to use the space for, you’ll need to bear in mind where you will put the furniture items once the work is complete. You can make the most of any low ceiling space by using it for storage. If you’re going to convert your loft into a bedroom and you have a sloping roof, remember to allocate enough headroom for when you sit up in bed. You may prefer to purchase a lower height bed to compensate for this.

Consider where to put electrical points
Although it is only a small matter, you may find that it is inconvenient to have plug sockets at the opposite end of the room to your bed. After all, this may mean that you have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm or to turn on your ‘bedside’ lamp. Save yourself time and money by putting serious consideration into the finished project before the work begins.

You may wish to install an extra layer on insulation in the flooring of your new room to prevent any rooms below from suffering from the noise – especially useful if your loft is going to be a games room or home cinema. Of course you may also wish to soundproof the room to stop noise from the rest of the house disturbing the peace – useful if it is going to be a guest room.

As well as interior lights, you should consider installing windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Again, if your loft is to be a bedroom, it may be wiser not to place your bed directly under a window. You can increase the light potential in your new loft by painting it a bright, clean white. This will also make it seem bigger in proportion.

Insulation and ventilation
Good quality insulation is imperative in a loft – make sure you check the building regulations and ask an expert for advice on what insulation method would be best. If you are installing a bathroom, be wary of ventilation. Your bathroom should have a least one open able window or good quality ventilation system to ensure that all of the moisture and steam is removed quickly.

Once you’ve considered all of the above points, it’s time to get in touch with the experts.

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