Practical winter preparation tips for your home

Practical winter preparation tips for your home

As winter approaches, you’ll need to start thinking about home maintenance. It seems as though each year the forecast for Britain is an even worse winter than the last. The threat of sub-zero temperatures lingers in the air. That’s why it is the perfect time to start prepping your home early, before the onslaught on winter begins. So today, we’re going to bring you some practical tips for preparing your home for winter.


Clean the gutters recommends that you check that your gutters are not clogged up with leaves or debris. If the flow of water is blocked, you could be in for all sorts of problems, such as damp or subsidence. By cleaning your gutters and drains annually, you’ll prevent the likes of dry rot in your roof timbers, and therefore, you’ll save money in the long run.


Pre-set your thermostats
Program your thermostat so that the heating comes on as soon as the room reaches a certain temperature. You don’t have to put the heating on a high setting – simply by keeping it on a constant low temperature, you’ll ensure that the pipes don’t get too cold and burst from freezing. What’s more, programming your heating to come on only when it is necessary will help to reduce your energy bills in the long run. This useful tip came from


Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
The experts advise that smoke alarm batteries are replaced at least twice annually, and that a new device is fitted if the alarm is between five and ten years old. According to, you should ensure that there is at least one smoke alarm per floor of your house and an extra one in or close to each bedroom. When fitting carbon monoxide detectors, it is important to place them high on the wall and again close to bedrooms. Don’t fit them near any gas appliances or fireplaces as this will trigger a false alarm.

Hopefully these tips have given you food for thought. Do you have any further recommendations for winter-proofing your home?

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