Our Loft Conversion Process

01.Your Enquiry

So you are genuinely considering a loft conversion and its time to take that first step. We have a team of in house experts to guide you through the loft conversion process from start to finish – a one stop shop.

When you first call Econoloft to ask for a quote, our sales team will take down a few basic details about your property and what you want from your loft conversion. They will then arrange a mutually convenient appointment for our representative to visit – and that could be an evening or weekend appointment if you prefer.

One of our experienced and trusted representative’s will visit your home and discuss what you want from your loft conversion. It’s important even at this early stage to let us know how you intend to use your new space – master bedroom, kids den, room for an au pair? Our representative will take measurements, take a look at your loft space and advise what is structurally possible as well as giving you advice about how to make the most of the space available. We will discuss rough budgets at this stage and very importantly consider where your new staircase will fit.


Most loft conversions don’t need planning permission but some flats, conservation areas, or outstanding areas of natural beauty still do. It’s important you let us know if you think your property comes under one of these areas. Your loft conversion may also require a party wall agreement with your neighbours and if this is the case, we will recommend getting a party wall surveyor involved.

Generally speaking however, our Econoloft representative will look after what is necessary under permitted development and building control. You can expect an estimate price within 10 days (usually earlier) of our representative visit. If planning permission is required, our planning experts are happy to liaise with the local authority on your behalf.

Our representatives will never give you a hard sell or make you feel pressured to agree to a loft conversion. We leave you to take your time and deliberate on what we recognise as a very important decision for your family.

03.Planning Your Loft

The information gathered by the representative is provided on an initial order form which provides specific details such as number and types of windows, number of doors, electrics and plumbing. This is administered by our Lancashire office team who will organise a survey to be carried out on your property. The surveyor will meet you to take final measurements and check your property’s structure to ensure it is safe to build a loft conversion.

An official drawing and your bespoke plans are developed by our in house draughtsmen and women using the latest technology. Our structural experts will ensure work is designed and calculated to meet all the necessary regulations. The plans are returned to you to go over the final details – and at this stage you can make final amendments. The plans may need approval by your local authority but we will organise that if this is the case.

Once the plans are signed off, we advise on a start date and delivery of materials. Even the steel work is fabricated by our own welding department, made to measure in our own workshop. From plans to getting on site can take between 8 – 10 weeks. Our head office will provide a detailed specification document which is the document that both parties will work from. It is signed by both parties and if something is not in this document – it won’t happen – which is why it is so important you understand and agree it.

04.Building Your New Space

Each job is allocated a foreman – usually a head joiner. He/she will be responsible for the overall smooth running of the conversion and is your main point of contact. In addition, our customer support team will liaise with you on a regular basis to ensure you are satisfied. The foreman will be responsible for making sure materials and work operatives are on site on time and work to his/her agreed schedules. We also also have Econoloft supervisors who will visit site on an ad hoc basis to check that the work is being carried out to our exacting standards.

A loft conversion is a major building job and so you can expect some disruption – although not as much as you may think. We will need to erect scaffolding and need space to deliver our building materials and so it’s always a good idea to alert your neighbours. This is a construction site with all the necessary health and safety regulations and the foreman will talk through these with you.

Customers will not really get much chance to see the loft until around the fifth week when the new staircase is fitted – and the staircase is probably the messiest part of the project as we have to cut through ceilings. Again, we will warn you about what to expect and clean up after ourselves. We always advise building a good rapport with the foreman and at the first fit stage he/she will discuss progress with you – at this point you need to be aware of where you want sockets etc. to be fitted, as it can be expensive to alter at a later date if you change your mind.

05.After Care

The loft is completed to plaster skim finish. When the loft conversion is complete, the foreman will go through a snagging inspection with you to ensure that we have completed the work that both parties have agreed. Throughout the job the building control inspectors will visit to check we are meeting all the necessary regulations. They will also give final approval to the conversion to confirm it has met with building legislation and they will provide you with a completion certificate.

Econoloft will also provide you with a completion certificate and guarantee along with a Part P electric certificate. Your new loft is now ready for decoration and furnishing as you wish. We will send you a satisfaction survey to complete which is important to us as it provides useful customer feedback. We will also invite you to send us photos of your completed loft so that we can keep it on file to show potential customers in the future.

There are numerous opportunities for you to to become an Econoloft ambassador if you wish (e.g. showing your finished loft to other customers, appearing in the interiors press, etc.) In some cases we provide M&S vouchers to say thank you or even a small financial remuneration (full details available on request).

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