N is for… new generation of converters

N is for… new generation of converters

Loft conversions became popular around thirty or so years ago. Since then, many homeowners have embarked on these home renovation projects in a bid to add further space to their property and increase the value of their house. It was customary to build an extra bedroom or a play area for the kids. In keeping with the rest of the house décor, walls were painted cream. There was nothing out of the ordinary about a loft conversion. In recent years however, this has all changed and we’re starting to see a new generation of converters; people who are more ambitious with their loft plans. We’re on to letter ‘n’ of our A to Z guide so we felt it only fitting to let you in on the innovative ideas to transform your loft. Here’s what the new generation of converters are doing.


Recording studio
If you’re in a band or fancy yourself as the next big thing, you could think about transforming your loft into a recording studio. Ask the builders to install sound proofing so that you don’t annoy the neighbours and set up a fold out bed in the corner of the room so that your band members don’t have to worry about getting home after a long recording session.

Cinema room
Have you noticed just how expensive it is to go to the cinema these days? What if you could bring that same experience into your own home? Well why not create a home cinema in your loft? You can easily install black out blinds to keep the room nice and dark while you’re watching the film. What’s more, there will be plenty of space for that huge television screen and state of the art surround sound system. And if you soundproof the walls, you’ll be able to turn the volume up as loud as you like. Be sure to add a few home comforts – what about large squashy seating, a drinks machine and your own popcorn maker? You’ll never want to leave your home again.

Romantic getaway
When you’ve got kids, taking care of their needs and going to work every day can take over your life. You may find there’s little time for romantic date nights. Instead, create a tranquil romantic setting in the loft of your home. If you ask your builder about window design, you may even be able to create fold-back windows that allow you to sleep under the stars – you don’t get any more romantic than that! Soft lighting, homely furnishings and a romantic colour palette will ensure that no date night ever goes forgotten again.

The rules
Of course, it is always wise to seek advice from the experts first. There are currently strict regulations in place which must be considered when building a loft conversion. Plans to install steel supports to allow you to have great big windows will need to be passed by planners.

Take a look at your neighbours’ houses. Unless you live in a listed building, you should be able to get away with extending your home at both the front and back of the house without requiring planning permission.

New lofts have to meet modern insulation requirements – these often help to improve the energy efficiency in your home and will save you money on your domestic bills so it’s worth noting.

Use a specialist company that is well-versed in the rules and regulations of loft conversions.

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