Mixing the old with the new – vintage vs. modern

Mixing the old with the new – vintage vs. modern

Take a look around your house – would you say your style was more vintage or contemporary? Do you love to sit back and admire the psychedelic brightly coloured walls and accessories in your home? Or do the neutral palettes bring a sense of calm and tranquillity? Today we’re going to look in more detail at both the vintage and modern styles and show you how you can incorporate them into your home.


Retro kitchen
In a feature on adding the 70s vibe into your home, channel4.com recommends investing in a kitchen sideboard. It can be used to display ornaments and doubles up as extra storage. Check out the warm toned yellow and brown wallpaper – it screams retro.


Contemporary kitchen
In stark contrast to the kitchen above, this sleek contemporary kitchen from lovehome.co.uk brings a minimalistic vibe. The crisp, clean white walls and units look almost sterile while the addition of the ultra-glossy black worktop rounds off the modern look. We’d be scared to make a mess in this kitchen.


Vintage floral living room
Although claiming this to be a modern trend, we’re not sure we fully agree with pippajamesoninteriors.co.uk. The prettily patterned headboard harks back to the 60s and 70s flower-power era. The shocking pink armchair and red floral cushion remind us of the Austin Powers film. The sleek glass side table does however bring a touch of the contemporary to the mix.


Modern living room
It would appear that grey is the new black in this swanky living room from housetohome.co.uk. We love the colour combination of the interlocking cupboards – it works as a great focal feature. The two tiered coffee table is a brilliant idea – as the top tier is made of glass, when moved directly above the bottom table, it looks as though it is just one piece of furniture. Having the ability to pull it out to create extra storage would be great for parties. You’d have to be careful about red wine spillages though on that white floor.

So now you’ve seen them, what do you think? Are you more of a retro vintage person or does your home look like it has come straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine?

Here at Econoloft, we tailor all of our designs to meet your exact specifications. So it doesn’t matter whether you prefer bright colours and psychedelic patterns or the more modern looking neutral shades.

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