Love the house you’re in all over again

Child's Bedroom

Love the house you’re in all over again

If you were entertaining in December, you may have realised just how little space you have for family and friends. The UK has some of the smallest homes in Europe, according to analysis from and so if you do sometimes feel a little claustrophobic– that’s why. But you don’t need to move to get the extra space you want – it’s less hassle and more cost effective to improve your home and fall in love with it once more.

Housing demand continues to outstrip supply

Of course, you could move to get a bigger home, but if you live in Greater London and the South, moving to get an additional bedroom, comes at a price – a very expensive one. The reality is that while we have a shortage of homes, and these shortages are particularly acute in cities where employment is highest and where workers live. In London for example, The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s draft housing strategy notes that while London should be building at least 50,000 homes a year to keep up with demand until 2035, it is building fewer than 20,000.

Supply is likely to outstrip demand for many years to come which is why property remains so expensive.

Improve your home with a loft conversion

However, there is a solution for those people who want more space. You don’t have to move from the house you love, you can improve it by utilising that unused space you have in the attic. Most homes are suitable for a loft conversion and you can create the space your family needs now – that could be a bedroom, a home office, a teenage den, an entertainment room or even space for an au-pair. The possibilities are endless.

What’s more, an average dormer loft conversion will cost around £35,000 which is so much cheaper than upgrading to a new property – and, it is a lot less hassle. The other bonus is that while you get to live in the house you want now, when you come to sell your home, your loft conversion will have added significant value – the Nationwide building society suggests around 20%.

Love the home you’re in

Fall in love with your home all over again in 2020 and unlock its full potential with a loft conversion from Econoloft. Whether you want an additional bedroom for yourself or your children, a home office, an entertainment room, a guest room, a games room, a nursery, a hobby room – your new loft conversion makes the whole house feel bigger. Talk to our experts and let’s give you the home you deserve.