Lord & Lady Grantham will love our loft conversions

lord lady grantham will love our loft conversions

Lord & Lady Grantham will love our loft conversions

It’s finally arrived. Downton Abbey the movie is now in cinemas and as usual we have all fallen in love with the stunning architecture, sumptuous décor and sheer size of Downton Abbey.

While Downton is a product of script writer Julian Fellowes imagination, Highclere Castle upon which it is based, is very real and it, like so many of this country’s imposing stately homes, demonstrates how the haves and have-nots lived.

It was the servants who occupied ‘below stairs’ which is where they worked, but they also occupied the very top of the house, which is where they slept and in Downton Abbey we only had a glimpse of their small, plain top floor garret bedrooms.  These attic bedrooms were often cold and damp in the winter and hot in the summer, with little light coming in from small windows.  How times have changed!

While your existing attic room may resemble a space where Bates and O’Brien would feel quite at home, once it has had the Econoloft touch – that dark, unloved attic space will be transformed into a spacious, light filled room that Lady Crawley herself would love.

Most properties are suitable for a loft conversion and most will not need planning permission, you can find out more in this video.  However, if you live in a listed building, chances are you will need planning permission. If the Crawley’s came to Econoloft looking to convert their attic bedrooms into a modern loft conversion, we would certainly need to secure planning permission for them. However, as their attic has been used as the servants’ quarters, that makes the roof space accessible and so the actual build should be quite straightforward.

Converting any loft space means thinking carefully about where to place the staircase. Ideally, Econoloft would want to place the new staircase over the existing one, but sometimes that is not possible. In a listed or historic building, we would certainly be looking to retain the main rooms and staircase in their existing positions as they are part of its history.

Econoloft has been building loft conversions in properties of all ages and designs for decades and we have considerable expertise in working with properties that do need planning permission. We think we’d do a great job at Downton Abbey but in the meantime, if you live in a property that needs an expert’s touch, give us a call.