Loft Conversion Cost Estimator

Determine the Cost of your Loft Conversion

Before investing in anything, you need to know where your money is going. We would gladly discuss how we come up with a cost estimation for your loft conversion project.

Our loft conversion cost estimator asks for the following information:

  • The type of property you have and what type of roof structure is in place
  • The number of rooms you’d like in your new loft
  • The type of renovation we will do and what kind of room we will turn the loft into

Please note that the figures presented by our loft conversion cost estimator only includes the aforementioned factors. Additional expenses including VAT, planning and legal costs are excluded.

Get the Best Value for Your Money

Some people might feel intimidated by the price tag attached to a loft conversion. But just think of what you get in return: an extra room, a new home office or an additional living space without needing to move into a bigger house. Your home’s property value increases, too.

Econoloft creates beautiful and functional loft conversions throughout the UK. Homeowners have trusted our services for years because we maximise their vertical space and our services provide the best value for money. With us, you can rest easy that your budget is in good hands.

Loft Cost Estimator