Loft conversion or extension?

Loft conversion or extension?

When considering a home improvement project, it’s important to think very carefully before you commit to anything. If you play your cards right, you could end up adding tens of thousands of pounds to the value of your property as well as making your home more spacious. However, if you’re going to invest big money on a home improvement then it’s essential that you get as much bang for your buck as possible.

Loft conversions and extensions can both be value-adding and practical home improvements. But which of the two is better suited for your particular needs and budget?

Questions to consider

Before starting work, there are a few key questions you’ll need to think about:

  • How much money are you prepared to spend?
  • How much value can you expect the work to add to your home?
  • Do you have enough space to accommodate it?
  • What do you intend to use the space for?
  • How will you integrate the new space with the rest of the home?
  • Do you intend to carry out further home improvement work in future? How will that fit in with this project once it’s completed?

Considering the pros and cons of cost and practicality is always essential as a first step. Asking yourself these questions should help you get a clearer idea in your mind’s eye of what you want from this home improvement project.

Which should you go for?

Both loft conversions and extensions have their respective advantages. Generally, extensions tend to provide more space, as they’re less limited in terms of size and can be built across more than one floor. The problem is, however, that you will need to obtain planning permission before you can start work. Local authorities don’t always grant it, which could effectively send you back to square one. Another major disadvantage to having extension work done is that it tends to be quite expensive. In addition, many properties simply lack the room to accommodate an extension.

By contrast, there’s far less red tape to worry about when you go for a loft conversion. In fact, you don’t always need planning permission to have your loft converted – although it is wise to check with your local council first. Loft conversions are also generally much cheaper than extensions – all you’re doing is converting existing space instead of building more from scratch – as well as adding more value to your property than any other home improvement.

Of course, you should consider all the options available to you before you start work on improving your home. But there are good reasons why millions of homeowners across the country have opted for loft conversions – and they could be just the solution for you too. Get in touch with the friendly team of experts here at Econoloft to find out more about how together we can make your dream loft conversion a reality.