L is for… lighting

L is for… lighting

We’re now almost halfway through our A to Z loft conversion guide. Each week we bring you advice about everything technical relating to lofts and today it’s the turn of the letter ‘l’. We’re taking a look at the lighting choices you have for your converted loft once it’s complete and why certain types of lights require planning permission.


Use different light sources
Depending on your plans for your newly converted loft, you should aim to use a combination of different light sources, especially as natural light fades towards the end of the day. In the evening therefore, you may prefer a softer, warm light, while brighter spot lights and lamps work well if you plan to read, use the computer or work. Make sure you consider which type of lighting will be best suited to the purpose of the room and what you will be using it for.

If your loft ceiling is sloping and you wish to install lighting, you’ll be able to choose from downlights and track lighting. Downlights require there to be a section of flat ceiling to attach to, while track lighting can be suspended from a higher ridge.

Lighting used for ambience can come from floor and table lamps – try installing a dimmer switch on the wall to enable you to turn a brighter light down for a cosy room glow.

Of course, you’ll also want to let in as much natural light as possible, which is where rooflights come in. Usually, you are free to choose from varying sizes of rooflights, including fire escape windows, and these will be inserted between the rafters and in line with the plain of the roof.

Conservation rooflights
Standard rooflights are often not permitted on listed buildings and period conversions in conservation areas. Instead, you’ll need to install conservation rooflights. Based on the design of Victorian style metal rooflights, conservation rooflights are painted black with vertical glazing bars. If you’re looking for a better quality version, opt for conservation rooflights made from powder-coated steel.

Make sure your converted loft has sufficient lighting by following the above tips. If you’re in need of design inspiration for your loft, take a look at our gallery of previous work.

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