K is for… king of loft conversions

K is for… king of loft conversions

It’s that time of the week again where we focus on our A to Z guide to loft conversions. The letter ‘k’ was a difficult one so we’ve had to be a little creative today (I’m sure you will forgive us).

We’re taking a closer look at how you can be the king (or queen) of loft conversions and the secret is all in the planning. So here is what you need to consider before converting your loft.

1. Get out that measuring tape
The best way to be able to visualise and plan how you’re going to make the most of what loft space you have is to take a trip up to your loft. Don’t forget to take your measuring tape and pen and paper. If you measure the space out yourself, while looking at it, you’ll have a much better idea of what is achievable, as looking at a floor plan can be deceptive.

2. Make the most of the space available
Once you’ve got a good idea of how much space, (including headroom) there is in your loft, you can start to plan what to do with it. If your loft has areas where the headroom is limited, make the most of this space by using it for storage. Low-level furniture items will enable you to really use every inch of available space in your loft.

3. Consider lighting
An easy way to make your loft seem instantly brighter and airier is to allow as much natural light to come flooding through as possible. It may be possible to install a roof to floor window but if not, a Velux rooflight will do the trick – just don’t position a bed directly underneath it, unless you want to be woken up early.

4. Planning for the future
You may have your heart set on a lavish cinema room or games room now but think carefully about how you might wish to use the space in the future. If you’re likely to hear the patter on tiny feet within the next five years, you may wish to keep the room options as wide as possible, to avoid having to revamp the whole space further down the line.

5. Insulation matters
The final job to do before you get the experts in is to ensure that the whole room if thoroughly insulated. If you’re unsure about how to do this, we have a whole blog post dedicated to the topic – simply look back at letter ‘I’ of our A to Z.

Once all of the planning and preparations are complete, you can then call in the professionals. Here at Econoloft, we’re here to help to every step of the way.

Take a look at our gallery of previous projects for more inspiration, while our client testimonials prove just how dedicated we are to fulfilling your needs.

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