It’s all in the details, part 1

It’s all in the details, part 1

The last couple of weeks have been centred on preparing your home for the arrival of winter. This week however, we’re taking a closer look at interior accessories that can make all the difference to a room. No detail is too small – every item you choose to furnish your room with, contributes to the atmosphere in some way or another. So here’s part one of “It’s all in the details”.


Statement shade
This floral lampshade seen on is a standout feature in this living room. The golden and burgundy tones add warmth to the room, which is picked out by the red leaf-patterned cushions and red vases. Continuing with the nature theme, the olive green sofa contrasts wonderfully with the dark mahogany shade on the wall.


Experiment with size
Check out this striking contrast of white against black in this kitchen from Monochrome is a great look for any room, and one of the best things about it is that it makes it really easy to draw people’s attention to your focal feature. Here, our eye is instantly drawn to the varying sizes and shapes of the light bulbs. Recreate this style yourself, hanging the lights at different heights to create further variance.


Garden deck lighting
If you like to entertain guests outdoors, why not consider investing in some lighting for your wooden decking? We saw these spotlights on They’re ideal for showing off what a great job you’ve made of your garden, and will allow your party to carry on long after the night sky has turned dark.


Track lighting
Track lighting is ideal for your basement or loft room, according to It takes up zero floor space which is handy for those with minimal space, and it’s really easy to install. What’s more, if the purpose of your room changes then you can easily alter the lighting style without having to remove any fixtures or fittings.

We hope that these lighting ideas have helped to give you inspiration for your own home.

As you can see, there are many different styles of lighting which can be used for different purposes. If you’re considering transforming your loft from storage room to home office for example, you’ll need to seriously think about changing the style of the room.


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