Interior Design Trends for Summer 2017

Interior Design Trends for Summer 2017

In case you hadn’t noticed, the summertime is finally here. Just a couple of weeks ago, most of the country basked in soaring temperatures and sunshine – only for that to be pretty rapidly replaced by the more familiar grey skies and driving rain we’re so used to in Britain.

But there’s still two-and-a-bit months of the summer left to go, and here at Econoloft we haven’t given up hope that it will deliver some more decent weather.

So if you’ve got a converted loft space and you’re wondering how you can make it look a bit more seasonal, we’ve got a few ideas for you. Here are some of the key interior design trends for summer 2017, just in case you’re looking for some inspiration.

Natural touches are in

One trend that’s very much in this summer is the use of natural tones and materials. Wooden touches have been popular for some time now, but that trend is starting to diversify somewhat with the addition of darker, more charred colours in many interiors.

It’s not just about wood, though. Terracotta shades have also enjoyed something of a revival in popularity of late, not so much because of the material itself – though this is widely popular too – but its deep, rich and warm colour that instantly adds a dash of summery sultriness wherever it’s used. It can be made to work particularly well with bare red brickwork, as the two tend to complement each other very effectively.

Powerful blues and greens

Perhaps fittingly given the recent revival of natural shades and tones in interior design, there’s also been a revival in the use of striking blue and green colours around the home. This can lend any interior space a distinctly natural feel, combining marine shades and colours drawing inspiration from forests. More neutral magnolia and cream tones have bowed out – for the time being, at least – to make way for this more rugged look, bringing the power of nature and its dramatic colours into the home. Floral patterns and botanical prints can also be used to complement these natural shades, helping to create a consistently lush effect and diversifying the textures around your home.

Bold base colours

As we’ve already touched on, creamy magnolia tones have been the base colours of choice for many years. But what we’re seeing now is a shift away from these rather conservative and unadventurous shades to riskier base colours – pale greens, in particular, are now a popular choice. It’s all about creating a harmonious interior design effect, and a bolder base colour allows you to broaden out the overall effect by experimenting with new tints and shades.