Interior design ideas – black and white prints

Interior design ideas – black and white prints

Earlier this week we brought you some tips for introducing a monochrome colour palette into your home. Black and white are two shades that will never go out of fashion, simply because they are timeless classics.

However, one of the big trends for this year is prints. Why not double the trend and go for monochrome prints? Here are some ways in which you can introduce black and white prints into your home.


Silhouette wallpaper
We saw this black and white patterned wallpaper design on We think it would instantly liven up a bedroom wall – do you agree? The great thing about this pattern is that it seems to be telling a story. We get the impression that you’d see something new each time you studied it.


Stripy cushions
Check out this modern looking black and white living room from By keeping the walls and furniture a pure white shade, the designer has showcased statement features in black. The monochrome stripy cushions are a perfect blend of the two shades. We love the black and white candlestick holders too – a modern twist on an old classic.


Geometric shapes
A simple colour scheme makes it all the more striking when you add pattern to the mix. The geometric design on these wardrobes helps them to stand out as a feature in their own right. This bedroom seen on would have looked nondescript had it not been for the interestingly patterned wardrobes and the added sparkly of the chandelier lighting – proof that sometimes simple is better.


If you like to keep on top of the trends, you’ll know that houndstooth patterns made a comeback this year. There’s no reason why you can’t extend this pattern to your home, as seen on the walls of this hallway from Rather than focus purely on black and white, the designer of this room has chosen to add varying shades of grey to the mix to give it a softer feel. The black and white accessories and black painted table add a sense of uniformity and give the room a classic feel.


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