The modern concept of a loft conversion is that the conversion is finished to a high standard and meets with the requirements of the Building Regulations. This concept has moved on a long way.

During the early sixties a loft conversion was purely a bare bones approach. The Building Regulations continue to change to meet improved fire, sound and insulation requirements, and these regulations will continue to evolve.

Elite Econoloft Ltd has lead in many of these changes. We were the first company to plaster the conversion as standard; this is now a common practice.

Elite Econoloft Ltd use steel beams that are made smaller in length and bolted together to make up the full length using welded end plates to join the pieces together. This took an enormous amount of effort from our structural engineers before it was accepted by all Local Authorities. The advantages to our customers are that this process causes much less disturbance to the party walls, the roof and local areas due to a crane not being needed to lift the steel. The installation is overall a lot less hassle and takes less time.

In the eighties Elite Econoloft Ltd brought in the innovative Space Saver staircase as not all properties can convert their loft using conventional types of staircases. Elite Econoloft Ltd pioneered the “Paddle Tread” commonly called Space Savers. The Local Authorities quite rightly challenged the use of this type of staircase in court. The courts decision to allow the use of Space Saver staircases in conversions that could not have a conventional staircase. This approval now forms part of the Building Regulations.

The Changes to the Building Regulations in July 2003 regarding Sound Transmition is now being considered by the building industry. Elite Econoloft Ltd continues to keep abreast of the modern advances whilst at the present time uses materials that have been tried and tested. Watch this space!