Improve your home by upcycling

Improve your home by upcycling

How many times have you looked around your house and wished that you could give it a bit of an update? You have all these amazing and wonderful ideas about how you could make the kitchen sparkling again or how you could turn your bedroom into the ultimate room of relaxation. The problem facing most of us is money, or rather, lack of money. To make all of these fancy home improvements, it can soon add up, and before long, you’re left in a situation where half of the job is done and you have no money left. There is another way however – upcycling. It’s basically where you take something old and use it for something new. Here are just a few upcycling ideas for your home.


Bright idea for a guys’ room

Perhaps you’ve turned your loft or basement into a bit of a games room – somewhere for the boys in the house to hang out, chill, and just be manly. If so, they’ll love this cool upcycled lighting idea seen on Simply gather together a collection of different coloured beer bottles, wash them thoroughly and affix them to a light fitting – simple but effective.


Beachy bedroom

If you want to feel like your bedroom is right by the seaside, try this nifty idea from Use a pair of old shutters as a headboard – just paint them in a sky blue or sand colour and decorate the rest of the room to match. You’ll wake up feeling calm and relaxed every morning.


Book shelves

The chances are that you often wish you had some extra hanging space. How about putting some of those old books to use and making them into shelves instead? You could even cover the spines in different coloured or patterned paper to make each one different. Plus, it won’t take up much wall space and can double up as a decorative feature. We found these beauties on


So there you have it – three totally original ways to spruce up your home’s interior.

Do you have any other fun upcycling ideas for the home?

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