How to upcycle old furniture and accessories

How to upcycle old furniture and accessories

Upcycling is one of the hottest new trends at the moment. It involves reusing old items of furniture and household accessories by converting them in to something better.

What’s more, it’s a great way to transform your old items for a cheap and easy room update.

So here are our top three upcycled projects;

1. Suitcase Shelves

If you have lots of old suitcases lying around, upcycle them to make great sturdy shelves. It’ll make more space in your wardrobes for your clothes, and increase storage opportunity.

Choose different coloured suitcases for a more interesting look. This image from shows how easy it is to create many new shelves from just a few old suitcases.

2. Use Old Spice Racks to your Advantage

If your desk is full of clutter, it can make it difficult to be productive. They say that a clear desk gives you a clear mind, so what are you waiting for?

Pinterest is full of great upcycling ideas. Use empty spice containers to organise your various stationery items neatly and clear some room on your desk.

3. Map Out your Wall Art

Don’t throw away your out of date road maps – turn them in to a work of art instead.

Check out this colourful 3D artwork from It’s really easy to make as well; just take some old maps, draw around a butterfly template and cut them out. Keep the background and frame neutral to make the butterflies stand out.

Get creative with your household items today. Let us know how you get on by tweeting us your upcycled projects!

If you’re looking for a room to showcase your beautiful new household items, why not convert your loft. Studies have shown that it’s far cheaper than relocating, not to mention it also adds a great deal of value to your existing house.