How to make your home sellable (part two)

How to make your home sellable (part two)

In our last post we talked about small home improvements that you can make before you put your house on the market.

After all, your house may be lovely but that doesn’t necessarily make it sellable. In order to impress viewers and persuade them to part with their cash, you need to make your home in to somewhere they can visualise living.

So here’s part two of how to make your home sellable.


1. Pay attention to the outside of your house
It’s vital that you make a good impression on house viewers, but if the first thing they notice about your house is that the windows haven’t been washed in a while, the garden is messy and the paintwork on the door is peeling, it’s unlikely to impress them.

Give your house so-called “kerb-appeal”. recommends trimming the hedges, repainting the front door and hiding the rubbish. When it comes to selling a property, it’s the little details that can make the difference between a buyer offering a good price or not putting in an offer at all.


2. Become a domestic god(dess)
It may sound obvious but it’s really important to give your house a thorough clean before the viewers turn up. That means vacuuming the carpets, dusting every surface until it shines, and cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom until they sparkle.

This user knows the importance of having a kitchen that sparkles. Imagine how you would feel walking around a house where you could see dust or sticky crumbs on the kitchen countertops – whilst it would look lived in, it probably wouldn’t make you want to buy it.


3. Make it look attractive
Convince the people viewing the house that it is the best looking property they have seen with a few added touches. Fill a fruit bowl with fresh fruit and make it into a table centrepiece and fill vases with bright, bold blooms to add pops of vibrant colour.

Take inspiration from and dress your table with this attractive coloured glass tableware set. The contrasting blue and yellow tones work well to produce a sunny, welcoming mood.

Studies have shown that by converting your loft, you could add nearly a quarter to the overall value of your house, which is no small sum.

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We know that everyone’s tastes differ which is why we tailor each of our designs to match your specifications.

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