How to make your home sellable (part one)

How to make your home sellable (part one)

This month is all about home improvement here at Econoloft. With the London Evening Standard reporting that house prices in London soared by 0.7% month-on-month and the announcement of the multibillion-pound scheme Help to Buy, in last week’s Budget, it’s looking promising that house prices around the UK are increasing.

Whilst this is great news for those looking to sell, it doesn’t give you an excuse to slack when it comes to getting your home ready for house viewings. Before you put your property on the market, there are several things you can do to help your home stand out from the rest.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look at how to make your home sellable.


1. Give your house a spring clean
Tidy away all of your usual clutter and make your home into a beautiful blank canvas so those viewing it will be able to imagine their own belongings there.

We love this nifty storage idea seen on By hiding away all of your clutter under the stairs, your house will look far less messy and the viewers will be none the wiser. So don’t put off potential buyers; give your home a ruthless spring clean this month.


2. Lick of paint
You may not realise but simply by giving tired looking surfaces a fresh lick of paint will instantly brighten the room and leave it looking fresher than ever. offers a wealth of advice for those looking to sell their home, but this one stood out to us. A couple of coats of paint can transform a room fast and increase your home’s selling potential – what’s more, it’s cheaper than redecorating completely.


3. Finish the D.I.Y.
You know the jobs we mean; the niggly little ones that have perhaps needed to be done for some time now. So get out your tools and fix the leaking tap in the bathroom.

As usual, we have some helpful advice from It’s really important to fix those jobs you’ve been putting off for ages before you invite people to view your home. Botched or incomplete D.I.Y. jobs are off-putting to potential buyers as they will think it will cost a lot of money to put things right. So completing the job may help you to sell your house faster.

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