How a Loft Conversion Could Bring Your Family Closer Together

How a Loft Conversion Could Bring Your Family Closer Together

In case you don’t already know, May 15th was the UN’s International Day of Families, a global event intended to celebrate the role played by families around the world. This got us thinking – what do loft conversions do to bring families together and strengthen family life?

British homes are among the smallest and most cramped in Europe, and families with young children often find themselves struggling for the space they need. So what are the benefits to families of loft conversions?

Giving the kids the space they need…

Having a loft conversion carried out is one great way of giving children more room. Not only could a loft conversion serve as a spacious playroom for young infants, but it could also make a spacious and private bedroom for a teenager. This all helps to ensure that kids have the space they need to be themselves, as well as some privacy when that’s required – whether they just want to be alone or they’re hanging out with friends – as well. The importance of this for their social development shouldn’t be overlooked.

…and giving everyone else more space, too

It’s also worth noting that when kids have enough space to themselves, it means that their belongings don’t clutter up the rest of the home – which makes it a more relaxing place to be for everyone else, too. Family homes can quite easily get crowded and cluttered. This is particularly true for those who have young children and who also spend at least part of their time working from home – it’s so easy to find yourself short of the required space.

Another advantage of having a loft conversion rather than having an extension built on to your home is that it doesn’t force you to compromise. An extension might deprive you of space in your garden, for instance. There’s no need for this with a loft extension, as you’re simply making more use of space that was already there, but underutilised.

No need for upheaval

Many families, upon finding that their home doesn’t provide them with sufficient space, take the decision to move to pastures new. Moving home can of course be a highly stressful experience – there isn’t just the challenge of searching for a new property that’s right for your family, but the whole rigmarole that comes with moving day itself. Then there are the costs to consider. These are substantial, and in fact stamp duty alone can cost thousands.

Loft conversions, on the other hand, can provide your family with valuable space minus the hassle of moving house – which keeps stresses and strains between you all to a minimum. What’s more, loft conversions also add more value to your home than any other home improvement, so they effectively pay for themselves.