How a Loft Conversion Could be Perfect for Working from Home

How a Loft Conversion Could be Perfect for Working from Home

In case you weren’t aware, this week (October 2nd-6th) is National Work/Life Week 2017, an event which aims to raise awareness of the importance of striking the right work/life balance – encouraging employees and employers alike to take action to improve their own. 

But it can be difficult juggling the demands of work and family life, not forgetting our social lives as well.

So what can you do to dramatically improve your work/life balance? One option is to start working from home, cutting out that tiresome commute and giving you valuable extra flexibility. But it can be difficult finding adequate space in which to work at home. A solution which is proving increasingly popular is to convert loft space into an office and study space, offering not just adequate room but a degree of seclusion from the rest of the home so you can concentrate properly on your work.

Why a loft conversion?

Because your loft offers some physical separation from the rest of the home, it means you can concentrate properly and get on with your work in some peace. This in turn should help to improve your productivity, meaning that you can get more done without the distraction of either an office or the general hustle and bustle of the rest of your home. What’s more, it’s also an advantage to know what you want to use your loft conversion as once it’s completed, because this can have a big influence on its design. So a home office space would need to be light and airy as well as spacious, for example.

Family life and working life

When you’re working from home, you should also be able to find a happier medium between the demands of work and the obligations of your family life. Instead of spending an hour each way commuting to and from work, this gives you an opportunity to save valuable time and trouble. As an added bonus, it means you won’t have to dress up in stuffy suits and business wear – every day becomes dress-down day. But of course, there may also be the temptation to work longer hours, which would simply defeat the object. So if you are going to work from home in a converted loft space, make sure you stick to business hours!

Kitting out your loft office

Another factor which you’ll also need to take into consideration is how you decorate and lay out your converted loft space for use as an office. As we’ve already touched upon, it’s important to ensure that the room is spacious and light, so that it provides a more pleasant environment to work in. You’ll need to ensure that there’s adequate space for all the equipment you’ll need as well as storage space for paperwork and so on.