H is for… heating

H is for… heating

Wow, we seem to be speeding through our A to Z blog posts – we’re on ‘h’ already! Regular readers will be familiar by now with our blog system – once a week we bring you information on the more technical aspects of loft conversion, to help you get yours just right when it comes to converting your loft.

So today we’re focusing on heating. After all, if you’re planning to spend quite a bit of time in your loft, you’ll need to make sure that it’s warm enough, especially during the winter months.

Gas central heating
If your home currently operates with gas central heating, you’ll have to determine whether or not the existing boiler will be able to cope with the extra heating requirements that come with a loft conversion. You may find that it is necessary for a new boiler with better heating capacity to be installed.

Consider loft insulation
However, if you invest in good quality insulation methods for your conversion, you may find that this helps to reduce the overall amount of heat lost through the house. In such cases, a new boiler will not be necessary.

Requirements for new boilers
Should you need to have a new boiler installed, it is wise to opt for one with a high efficiency grade (A or B). There are also some additional requirement regulations:

– It must be a ‘fully pumped’ heating system
– It must comprise a programmer control, room thermostat and hot water storage cylinder thermostat
– Room thermostats must be interlocked to the boiler (only fires up when there is a demand for heat)

Alternatives to central heating system boilers
It may be that your existing loft does not contain a central heating system – while you have the option of installing one, there are of course alternatives.

– Room heater
Choose one with a time and temperature control to give you better control of when the room will be heated.

– Natural gas heater
It doesn’t matter if your loft space is minimal, as you can purchase a wall-mounted natural gas heater unit. What’s more, gas-fired room heaters are far more environmentally friendly as they produce fewer carbon emissions than electric heaters, which can also be expensive to run.

So now you know the options available to you when it comes to heating your loft conversion. Of course, you can always ask for more advice during your consultation if there’s anything you’re unsure of.

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