Grown-up bedrooms for your older teenager

Grown-up bedrooms for your older teenager

In our last post we wrote about how young teens require a bedroom that makes them look cool to their peers; a sanctuary safe-haven place to go to when they’re stressed. But what happens when they get a bit older?

A few years can make a lot of difference to your teenager’s attitudes and outlook on life. As they get older, they’re more comfortable in their own skin so there’s less of a need for the cool factor. Now they need a bedroom suitable for the adult they’re fast becoming.

So today, we’re taking a look at grown-up bedrooms for your older teenager.

1. Go bright

Make the room a vibrant and happy place for your older teen to be, but introduce adult accents to highlight the fact that they’re growing up.

We love this room from The bright colours keep it looking fresh and energetic while accents such as the chandelier, posh headboard and artwork adorning the walls add grown-up glamour.

2. Make it into a mini apartment
It’s only natural for your older teen to invite mates over and there will come a time when boyfriends / girlfriends are on the scene. Turn their bedroom in to a multipurpose bedroom / living area so they have space to entertain guests.

This room screams grown-up. The seating area is perfect for entertaining mates – you could even buy a sofa bed for when people stay over. The filmy curtains separate bed from living space, while the cushions pick up on the décor and tie the room together.

3. Plenty of storage
As your teen gets older, they will acquire more and more stuff. That means they need somewhere to put it all that isn’t the floor so make sure you invest in plenty of storage to at least give them the option to not leave their clothes strewn everywhere. has the right idea about teen bedrooms. This room has storage space underneath the bed, above the bed, and next to the wardrobe. What’s more, there is a double wardrobe so there’s no excuse for clothes on the floor.

Why not consider transforming your unused loft in to a bedroom for your older teen. Encourage them to add a touch of their own personal flair to make it homely for them. That way they’ll have their own personal space; let’s face it, they’re practically grown-up now, so they need it.

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