Get studious with a home office

Get studious with a home office

Do you find yourself often having to stay late at work? Would you rather leave on time and catch up on work in the comfort of your own home? We thought so.

The main issue people generally have with working from home is finding somewhere where they won’t get distracted.

By converting your unused loft into a home office, you can create a space of harmony and peace, perfect for getting work done, not to mention you’ll be away from distractions.

Take a look at these four home office designs that are perfect for any loft:


1. Storage, storage, storage

Get rid of any clutter – an organised space makes for a clear mind.

Take inspiration from and keep your office simple with pops of bright colours here and there. These handy units provide plenty of storage so you can keep your desk free of paper.



2. Make the most of the space you’ve got

Your home office doesn’t have to be big to fulfil its purpose. features this beautiful home office design. The white furniture and neutral walls really help to give a clean, crisp feel to the room, whilst the burgundy carpet adds a splash of colour. By lining the walls with storage cupboards, there’s plenty of floor space, and you’ll have a great view through the window whilst you work.


. Indulge your inner bookworm

If you’re a fan of reading, install bookcases around your home office and display your books proudly.

We found this studios home office design on Turn your books into a feature by displaying them around the room. It’ll also help to bring colour to neutral walls. Earth-toned furniture blends in well will whitewashed walls.



4. Make it personal

Make your home office a space you enjoy spending time by introducing a touch of your personality.

Showcase your musical talent with sheet music wallpaper. If you’re in need of a creative space, you’ll need to decorate it with themes that inspire you and portray your personality.



Let Econoloft help turn your loft into the ideal home office space. We’ve been in the business for 40 years, which makes us something of an authority. Check out our testimonials page for proof from our clients.

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