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Master Bedroom | Loft Conversion

Many people looking to meet the needs of a growing family decide on having a master bedroom loft conversion. A master bedroom in the loft will not only provide you with the extra space you need now, but is likely to add thousands of pounds to the value of your home. Econoloft has decades of experience in master bedroom loft conversions for all property types. Take a look to find out more about what we can do to help turn your loft into the master bedroom you’ve always dreamed about.

Dens & Hobbies | Loft Conversion

Looking for a secluded, quiet space in which to indulge your favourite hobbies and pastimes? Whether you’re a film buff, an artist, a musician or even a model railway enthusiast in your spare time, a loft conversion could provide you with the space you need to let your passions run wild. At Econoloft, we’ve helped many clients do exactly that. Check out some of our previous work to get a better idea of what we can do for you.

Kids Room | Loft Conversion

It can be hard to find enough room for growing kids – after all, they need both sufficient space to express themselves and privacy as they get older. If you’ve got a young family and your home feels cramped, it’s worth exploring the possibility of a loft conversion as it could provide the perfect place for a kids’ bedroom or kids’ playroom. Take a look to find out more about what Econoloft can do for you.

Bathroom | Loft Conversion

If you’re planning to have your loft space converted, then it’s a good idea to consider incorporating a bathroom or en suite into your loft conversion. Our experience in developing bathrooms and en suites means we will always give you the right advice. That additional bathroom will not only be a bonus for the family now – it’ll also add value should you decide to sell. Check out some of our previous work to find out more about how Econoloft can help you.

Staircases | Loft Conversion

When planning a loft conversion, it’s important to consider access. Legally, the staircase leading to your converted loft needs to provide adequate space to get in and out, particularly in an emergency. At Econoloft, we guide you through every step of the loft conversion process – including designing a staircase that blends seamlessly into your home. Take a look at some of our previous work to find out why so many people choose Econoloft for their loft conversion.

Property Exterior | Loft Conversion

Most loft conversions don’t need planning permission but those that considerably alter the roofline of the property could require it. Similarly, if you decide on a veranda, balcony or raised platform planning permission could be necessary. Econoloft loft conversions are designed to complement the character of your property and the wider local environment. Our experts will guide you through every step of the build process.

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