G is for… gable

G is for… gable

Can you believe that we’re already up to the letter ‘g’ on our A to Z guide to loft conversions? For those of you who don’t know, each week, we bring you a guide to all things technical relating to lofts but in an easy to understand explanation. Today, we’re focusing on gable roofs. We’ll be taking a look at what a gable roof is and the different variations in gable roofing.

What is a gable roof?
A gable roof is the triangular shaped section of wall between the two sloping sides of a roof. However, the shape of the gable depends on how the roof has been structured. The great thing about gable roofs is that they encourage rainwater and snow to drip off the roof, rather than gathering and forming large puddles. What’s more, they generate maximum space in the loft, which is fantastic news if you’re looking to convert your loft into a further room.

Variations in gable roof designs
– Crow-stepped gable
A stair-step design helps to accommodate the sloping part of the roof and makes it more aesthetically pleasing. The design dates back to the seventeenth century and can be seen on Muchalls Castle and Monboddo House, both are located in Scotland.

– Dutch gable roof
A hip roof, complete with four sloping sides and topped with a gable roof. Although hip roofs do not give the same amount of space in the loft as a traditional gable roof, it removes the difficulty of attaching gutters that is associated with gable roofs.

– Clipped gable roof
In contrast to a traditional gable roof, a clipped gable roof is flatter at the top instead of culminating in a point. In addition to adding visual appeal, this style also helps to reduce wind force.

Now you know more about it, you should be able to determine whether or not your house has a gable roof. If you’re planning to convert your loft, you’ll be pleased to know that this style of roof will ensure you have the maximum floor space.

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