Five Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Five Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency In Your Home

This week at Econoloft, we’re focusing on ways in which you can improve your home’s energy efficiency. So if you’re fed up of continually paying over the odds each time one of your household bills comes through the door, this is the post for you.

Here are five ways that you can improve the energy efficiency in your home.

1. Work out how to heat your home
Gas heating is a lot cheaper to run and is much more energy efficient than using electric, so you may wish to consider changing the way you heat your home. Get your hands on the heating control instructions so that you can make sure you are only heating the rooms that are in use and can control at what time of day each room is heated.

This living room seen on looks warm and inviting, thanks to the gas fire, yet it still retains a contemporary, chic look with the dazzling light shade and edgy artwork.

2. Insulate your loft
The head is the place that loses the most heat from the body, and similarly, so does the loft when it comes to a house. By insulating your loft, you can make sure that your home retains heat and can save you money on your heating bills.

Approximately 25% of the heat from a home is lost through the roof. Follow these tips from to fit your own loft insulation – it will only take you a day to complete and could save you loads of money on your heating bills each month, so it’s worth doing.

3. Seeing double
Another great way to stop the heat escaping from your home is to invest in double glazed windows. You’ll easily make back the money you spend on having double gazing installed as it’ll come off your heating bill, plus more.

However, if you do have single-glazed windows, you can keep in the heat with a pair of heavy lined curtains. To save costs, you can make some yourself by following the helpful guide on

4. Keep out the draught
If you can often feel a draft around the windows and doors in your house, there are lots of D.I.Y solutions that could mean you’re less inclined to put the heating on.

Put your craft skills to good use and make this stylish draught excluder to help keep out any chilly breezes. has compiled a how-to guide for making a draught excluder, or you can purchase one for a relatively low cost from most home shops.


5. What a bright idea!
Did you know that by using energy saving light bulbs you can save money on your household bills and increase the lifespan of your bulbs, so you’ll need to replace them less often?

Take the expert advice from and ensure you turn off the light when the room is not in use. If you don’t like to come home to a dark house, you could put your lights on a timer and set it to the time of day you would like the lights to be on.

We don’t know about you, but here at Econoloft, the thought of saving money each month on household bills is a very welcome prospect.

Let Econoloft take care of your loft and ensure that your home does not lose heat. Check out some examples of the loft conversion work we’ve done for our clients.

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