Five unique colour schemes for your loft

Five unique colour schemes for your loft

Established as a family business for over 40 years, we at Econoloft are considered by many to be the authority on loft conversions.

We know that there’s no such thing as a typical loft conversion, and that every homeowner takes pride in having a home that reflects their own unique personality.

That’s why we’re on hand to advise you about everything relating to loft conversions.

Today we’re focusing on colour schemes – we’ve come up with five colour schemes you may never thought of having so have a read – it may inspire you!

1. Let there be Light!

Lofts have a tendency to be dark and gloomy places, but not on our watch. Pick a sunny shade to really brighten up the room and make it seem like a happy place. Everyone feels more relaxed and happy when the sun shines, so recreate that good feeling by painting the walls to remind you of summer.

This kid’s playroom is a really bright, happy-looking room where your youngsters will enjoy spending hours learning and playing. Lime green and yellow coloured furniture co-ordinates perfectly with the bright sun on the wall.

2. Dark & Dramatic – with a pop of Colour

Dark tones are a hot trend for interiors and can help to create a contemporary feel. However, if your room is too dark, it can feel cold. Add a bold block of colour on the floor to transform a dramatically dark room and make it feel more welcoming.

The lime green carpet really helps to offset the dark greys and blacks in this room, creating a modern feel yet adding warmth.

3. Flower Power

Its official – floral patterns are seriously hot right now, so add a bit of femininity to your loft with some floral wallpaper.

Add a vintage touch to your loft with flowery wallpaper. advises using varying shades of the same colour to help smaller spaces seem much bigger. Choosing a design with a lighter shade in the foreground will help with the room’s proportions.

4. Rock the Red Paint

Red is the colour of romance and passion. Using bold reds in your loft will make the walls of the room appear closer to you, thus creating a feeling of intimacy (although if you have a smaller space, you may to avoid using a strong colour). Red is the ideal colour if you’ve converted your loft in to a dining area, as it’ll create a great sociable atmosphere that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends.

The dark furniture in this loft dining area helps to intensify the bold red wall, giving the room an intimate feel.

5. Go Minimal

Sometimes the best option for a room is to stay simple. If your loft has been transformed in to a home office, it’s likely you’ll want to keep a clear head. Having a cluttered room is not conducive to good work.

Impose order and calm in your loft with white painted walls and sleek simple furniture. Keep the walls plain, and everything hidden away, either in wardrobes or cupboards. Check out for more home office decoration inspiration.


If you’re struggling to choose a colour scheme for your loft conversion, or simply want to explore what options are available for your loft, take a look at some of our completed conversions for inspiration.

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