Five of the best country kitchen designs

Five of the best country kitchen designs

The kitchen is fast becoming the central hub of any family home. No longer is it just the place where we prepare meals, it’s also a place for doing homework, eating breakfast and evening meals together, and is often the main social area during dinner parties.

With that thought in mind, we’ve decided to focus on five of the best country kitchen designs to transform any kitchen in to a warm and welcoming room.

1. French Country Kitchen
When it comes to food, it’s safe to say that the French take great pride in preparing delicious, hearty home-cooked meals. In France, they take time over every meal, savouring subtle tastes and enjoying the social aspect of dining with friends and family.

The mismatched furniture in this kitchen helps to give it a homely feel. Exposed brick can make a room feel cold, but the warm shades of teak, offset by the copper pans actually has the opposite effect. We love how this kitchen is jam packed with furniture and accessories yet still looks neat and organised.



2. Open-plan Country Kitchen
An open-plan kitchen will give a light and airy feel. It can also be a great way to combine the cooking section with the dining area so you can entertain as you make food.

Painted white cupboards and neutral stone tiles make this kitchen look light and fresh. If you have lots of space on your walls, fill them cleverly by hanging pretty plates.



3. Traditional Country Kitchen
Conserve original kitchen features and make them in to a focal point. recommends incorporating the original features into the rest of the design. Here a range cooker has been set into a chimney breast. Simple colour schemes help give a traditional feel.



4. Rustic Country Kitchen
Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a rustic country kitchen design. features this beautiful rustic country kitchen design. We love how the cool marble fireplace has been offset with a warm fire. The red painted cabinet adds a splash of colour to the room, whilst wooden flooring and furniture keeps the room rustic.



5. Farmhouse Country Kitchen
Do you remember visiting relatives out in the countryside when you were little? Remember how huge and homely the kitchen felt?

Check out the size of the sink in this gorgeous country kitchen pinned on Exposed beams add to the countryside farmhouse feel. We love how the wood has been preserved and used to create clever storage nooks for crockery. We get the feeling that the owner of this kitchen loves to prepare food for the family – who wouldn’t in a kitchen like this?


So what do you think of these country kitchen designs? Do you wish you had a kitchen like this? Or perhaps yours tops these designs? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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