Five Magnificent Master Bedroom Designs

Five Magnificent Master Bedroom Designs

If you’re in need of a bit of extra, private space, away from the kids, you may want to consider converting your unused loft into a master bedroom. Just think, you’d have a whole extra floor level to yourselves and if you designed it so, you could feel as though you were sleeping under the stars every evening – how’s that for romance?

So to help give you a helping hand inspiration-wise, we’ve found five magnificent master bedroom designs for you to copy. If grandeur, opulence and luxury are missing from your life right now, this could be the solution to your problem.


1. Balcony bedroom
How would you feel if we told you that you could have both the penthouse room as well as an adjoining balcony terrace? Well if the design of your house allows it, you could do just that – having the best of both worlds is possible.

We’d feel as if every day was a holiday with this gorgeous balcony master bedroom seen on In the bedroom, simple furniture and clean white walls allow the stunning balcony view to do all of the talking. And just imagine having your own private dining terrace during the summer – pure bliss, we reckon.


2. Under the sea bedroom
If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation tool in your bedroom, why not use a creative headboard design to help you achieve the desired effect? The calming influence of water and fish will send anyone into a deep, dreamful sleep. is jam-packed with creative headboard designs to make your bedroom totally unique. We couldn’t resist this custom-built headboard fish tank.


3. Glamorous and chic bedroom
If upholding a glamorous image is essential in your home, you may be interested in creating a sleek, expensive looking master bedroom.

Everything about this room from screams glamour. From the opulent chandelier ceiling light, to the mirrored bedside tables and the studded headboard frame, the designer has combined a mixture of sleek and masculinity to achieve a bedroom fit for a king.


4. Hotel style bedroom
Have you ever wished your bedroom could look as stylish as a hotel room? Well there is absolutely no reason why you cannot emulate the style of your favourite hotel in your newly converted master bedroom.

Follow the recommendations of and choose to make your bed the stand-out feature of the room. Invest in a good quality mattress for your king sized bed (luxury is key here) and sumptuous silk bed linen will take you instantly back to that luxurious hotel room you once stayed in. choose furniture to match the bed and stick to two main colours to bring everything together harmoniously. Dark purples will add a touch more opulence to the effect.


5. Multi-purpose bedroom
If you have sufficient loft space, you may wish to turn your master bedroom in to a liveable space, almost like a loft apartment. This could be ideal for older children who have moved back home after university, giving them much-needed privacy at a rate they can afford.

The first thing that struck us about this beautiful loft bedroom on was just how spacious it is. High ceilings, plenty of natural light and simple, fresh wall shades combine to make this room a knockout. With a huge French style double bed, seating area by a cosy heater, and chest of drawer storage, this room has everything you could need. We love the shuttered ‘window’ display, while the well-placed mirror adds even more space and light to the room.

We’re sure by now that you’re convinced just how amazing a master bedroom you could create, simply by converting your loft.

If you require any more design inspiration, our gallery is full of previous work we’ve completed for our clients, while our extensive client testimonial portfolio details exactly why we’re the best in the conversion industry.

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