Fabulous fabric projects for your home

Fabulous fabric projects for your home

Earlier this week, we brought you some ideas for how you can use fabric to enhance and freshen up your home. Today, we’re taking that one step further. We know that you all love to get a little creative every now and again, so we’ve found some of the best (and easiest) fabric DIY projects which you can recreate when redecorating your home. Enjoy!


Chair covers
We found this fabulous chair cover on yourhomeonlybetter.com. Not only does it look great (not to mention original), it’s also super easy to make yourself. So forget all about buying expensive chairs and simply change the covers on your existing ones. You can use adhesive glue to stick the fabric to the chair – just make sure you measure out the fabric properly first. We really love the design of this fabric – it would work great for creating a monochrome look in your home.



Bay window blind
If you’ve got a bay window, it can be tricky to fit curtains. You can solve this problem by fitting a Roman blind. Choose some fabric in a pattern which complements the room like in this picture from housetohome.co.uk. We love how the green adds a pop of colour to the neutral room, making it look clean and fresh.



Soft quilt headboard
Are you fed up of banging your head on your solid headboard each morning? Well, we’ve got a great solution – hang a fabric quilt headboard instead. We found this simple idea on marthastewart.com. All you have to do is get your hands on a drapery rod and some brackets in the same shade as your wall. Install them at your preferred height and simply drape the quilt over the rod, straightening both sides out so they hang evenly. You could use your quilt to add colour to the room, or keep it neutral – it’s up to you.


Cabinet door panels
If you’re bored of your cabinets and fancy a change, why not simply replace the existing doors with some pretty patterned fabric? Stretch the fabric of your choice around a wooden frame and use a staple gun to hold it in place. If you want an easy clean version, sandwich the fabric between a wooden frame and a glass panel – that way you can simply wipe any dust off the glass. We’ve got bhg.com to thank for this great fabric idea.

Have you used fabric creatively in your home?

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