F is for… fire safety regulations

F is for… fire safety regulations

It’s time for part ‘F’ of the A to Z loft conversion guide and today, we’re considering how you can ensure that your loft is protected against fire. Many people don’t realise that there are fire safety regulations to consider when you convert your loft. In fact, protecting your home and yourself from fire should be top of your agenda.

Half-hour fire protection
The majority of lofts give the house a third storey. As such, the walls, door and flooring needs to be given what’s known in the industry as half-hour fire protection. You can do this with a double layer of plasterboard and by investing in fire doors.

Why are fire doors so important?
Should you encounter a fire and you’re in the loft, your only real means of escape is down the stairs. You must ensure that the main staircase leads to an external door and that this too is given fire protection. All doors to bedroom should really be fire doors and you should ensure that you fit smoke alarms to each floor to give you and your family extra warning in the event of a fire.

Escape from the first floor
If the staircase to your loft leads to an open plan room rather than an external door, you can install a sprinkler system and a fire door to separate the ground and first floor levels of the house. That way, if you should encounter a fire, your escape route will be through the window of a first floor room.

Okay, so now you know the fire safety regulations regarding loft conversions. But if all that seems like a lot to take in, here is a quick summary of the most important bits.

– Fire doors for added protection
– Smoke alarms must be fitted on each storey of the house
– Sprinkler systems are an optional extra to give you some added time

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