Essential Home Office Features

Essential Home Office Features

Have you always wanted a home office? Somewhere calm that offers you just the right amount of privacy to be able to get your work done, but also reflects your personality?

Here at Econoloft, we love to offer you tips and advice to make your home special. Today we’re focusing on home offices and the essential features every home office requires.

1. Storage space

It’s likely that you’ll be dealing with a lot of paperwork in your home office. That means that you’ll need somewhere to store those all important documents, a filing system for the files you’re currently working on, and space for any paperwork that is yet to be dealt with. recommends that you are imaginative with your storage space. If your office loft has a sloping roof, work with the space you have. Installing handy shelves above your desk gives you easy and instant access to all of your documents.


2. Noticeboard

Some people may prefer to write all appointments and memos on a calendar or store the information on a mobile device, but a noticeboard offers you the space to dedicate everything work-related to the board, so you can easily separate business from pleasure.

Take inspiration form this user and hang a chalkboard on the wall. The great thing about chalkboards is that you can easily erase a memo once it has been dealt with, saving you from filling notebooks and calendars.


3. Desk and chair

It may sound obvious to say that your home office needs to have a desk and a chair, but there are many different styles out there to choose from. You can choose between having a small and compact desk, big enough for your laptop, or a spacious room-filling desk so that you can spread out with your work.

If you are trying to save space, this compact desk from offers you an easy solution. Small enough to fit in to the corner of the room, it also provides storage space – ideal for those who love organisation.

4. Individuality

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your home office, it makes sense to turn it into a place where you enjoy being. Make your home office as individual and as personable as you like to help you feel truly at home.

There’s no rule to say that you can’t hang photos of your favourite people on the walls of your home office. Arrange them in a cluster like in this shot from and invest in the monochrome look to show off your personality but still keep your home office professional-looking. Why not add a touch of luxury in the form of this chandelier light?

We love to help you transform your existing loft space into the room of your dreams. Take a look at examples of our previous designs and see what our clients say about us.

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